Saucony Women’s Ride 8 Running Shoe

The Saucony Ride 8 Women’s Running Shoe is a lightweight version of Saucony’s previous running shoe that incorporates a comfortable feel into a long lasting, fashionable pair of foot wear. Each one weighs .5 ounces less, and they included an outsole that is redesigned for better cushioning and durability while running. A seamless feel is achieved with the welded overlay, and this shoe is constructed of an open air designed mesh that allows your feet to breathe while you exercise. You’ll feel cooler and more comfortable as this running shoe moves with your foot in one fluid motion.

​The Beneficial Features of The Saucony Women’s Ride 8 Shoes

  • This running shoe features a synthetic, open air mesh that allows the foot to breathe.
  • This is a high quality shoe that is imported from China.
  • A rubber sole is a part of the construction in order to offer superb traction.
  • A heel to toe 8mm drop is found with this particular running shoe.
  • The reflective silver detail on the heel adds additional safety.
  • The RUNDRY exclusive collar lining is included.
  • The sock liner is constructed with ComfortLite for a comfortable fit and feel.

How Does This Running Shoe Work?

An Ultra premium, lightweight cushioning foam known as Powergrid is used in the construction of the Saucony Ride 8 Running Shoe. When compared to other running shoes, this one offers you more rebound and a smoother ride while exercising.

The heel to toe 8mm offset ensures that the cushioning effect is evenly distributed throughout each shoe. This allows your forefoot and heel to remain at the same height which means your body will stay more balanced. More balance equals more comfort with every step.

The outsole is created from an extra lightweight iBR+ rubber that will enhance the shoe’s cushioning features. Every bit of this shoe’s design was developed with your over-all comfort and ease of running in mind.

No matter what time of the day you run, you’ll be safe with the reflective features that enhance your visibility to others. Anytime you run in low light situations such as dawn or dusk, you’ll have the added protection provided by a reflective heel.

Who should buy the Saucony Ride 8 Running Shoe?

This running shoe is ideal for any women who takes running seriously and is looking for a good shoe that will add to the benefits of their exercise routine without causing any discomfort. The Saucony Ride 8 is incredibly lightweight. This design feature allows the shoe to remain comfortable throughout your workout. Without the weight of many similar running shoes, you’ll realize your legs and feet will feel less fatigued after your run. A durable and strong shoe is created from combining features such as the iBR+ rubber, the RUNDRY lining, the ComfortLite sock liner, and the breathable mesh body of this shoe.

This is also the perfect shoe for those who enjoy an early morning run or a late evening outing. The reflective features applied to the heel of the shoe make you more visible to traffic when running along the road side. Along with safety, this Saucony running shoe provides balance that isn’t found in all shoes. The 8mm heel to toe difference aligns your body for greater comfort during and after your run.

The Pros and Cons of This Shoe

The pros are quite obvious, and they include all of the features already mentioned. Safety, comfort and durability are at the top of the list of excellent qualities found in this shoe. It also comes to you at a reasonable price point. When compared to similarly priced running shoes, this footwear offers much more in its construction and design. Best of all, it remains to be a very fashionable shoe. It comes in the following color options.

  • Twilight, Oxygen, and Citron
  • Berry and Vizi Coral
  • Silver, Purple, and Citron
  • Blue and Vizi Coral
  • Green and Citron

One of the only cons associated with the Saucony Ride 8 Running Shoe has to do with its width. It can feel slightly tight, and it does have a narrow fit. The overlay found inside of the shoe can cause irritation and blisters, especially in the toe area. Those with bunions find it to be quite painful, but in many situations the problem can be resolved by ordering a slightly larger than normal size.

Buyer Feedback from Online Reviews

Those who have purchased this shoe love how the heel fits snugly and comfortably. This relieves any slipping that may cause irritation to the feet. The tongue lies perfectly, and the wider toe box allows the toes room to move. Online reviews rave about the excellent support provided by the Saucony Ride 8. Even those who have worn them to run marathons state that they remain comfortable after several hours of wear. The shoe itself is durable and holds up well. There is plenty of cushioning that doesn’t flatten out over time.

Some people have bought these shoes to help alleviate aches and pains. Owners have found they make an excellent daily shoe when suffering from problems such as Plantar Fasciitis. Although the manufacturer makes no claims to health benefits, many noted that their knee pain had subsided after wearing this particular type of shoe. They also appreciate the fashionably bright colors that are not usually found in shoes with so much support and beneficial features.

Final Words on the Saucony Ride 8 Running Shoes for Women

The Saucony Ride 8 Running Shoes for women are perfect for any female runner who is looking for balance, support, and breathability in a fashionable piece of footwear. The 8mm heel to toe drop offers excellent balance and alignment for the body while the synthetic mesh keeps your feet cool and comfortable. If you want a high quality, comfortable running shoe that won’t let you down, purchase the Saucony Ride 8 Running Shoe for women today.


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