Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoe

Mizuno has long been a leader in lightweight, affordable running shoes. Through their proven wave technology, Mizuno has created an optimal running experience. The Wave Alchemy 12 has a lot to live up to when it comes to its predecessor, the Alchemy 11. For the avid fan, you will be happy to know it does its job well. From comfort to cushioning to support, this shoe is an exceptional product for both the serious runner and for those requiring a dependable walking shoe.

​Top Rated Features

The comfort factor is a product of a well planned design and keeping in mind the needs of the wearer. With the Wave Alchemy 12, Mizuno created a lightweight shoe with an incredible amount of breathability. Feet tend to sweat with increased activity. When this happens, the feet swell, and it can become difficult to walk or run longer distances in heavy, constricting footwear. Wearing a lightweight shoe, like the Wave Alchemy 12, allows the feet to breath, creating a more comfortable fit and an overall enjoyable experience.

Running enthusiast know that it may take a while to wear in a new pair of shoes. Another great feature to the Wave Alchemy 12 is the highly durable, rubber sole coupled with the Dynamotion Fit technology. The special design of the sole limits the stress put on the feet, by cushioning them while running. The carbon rubber sole will wear down and shape to your foot faster than other models, allowing for a full capacity run within hours, rather than days.

Unique Design

Mizuno has manufactured this shoe using their patented Double Fan Wave Technology to create a more stable running shoe. Patented wave plates scatter the force of energy evenly throughout the shoe which creates the perfect heel to toe conversion. The midsoles are designed to be more flat, and the base of the shoe has been made wider to ensure an even, secure platform of support. Lightweight foam inside the heel also adds to a secure foundation while giving the wearer extra bounce when running on a hard surface. The one critique that past users seem to have about the past Wave Alchemy shoe is that the outer appearance is not visually appealing. The Wave Alchemy 12 now pops with an added hue of green along the top and the bottom sole that pleasingly attracts the eye.

Who Can Benefit From This Shoe

This shoe offers a breathable, lightweight design that is also supportive. It doesn’t take long to wear in the shoe which is a great advantage for consistent runners who don’t want to wait for a shoe to form to their foot. The support of the Wave Alchemy 12 also makes it a good choice for those needing a stable walking shoe with a secure fit, such as consumers suffering from overpronation or injuries resulting from overpronation.


  • Mizuno has a strong reputation for designing a dependable and affordable running shoe.
  • The heavy-duty rubber sole wide base design provides impressive support.
  • Excellent cushioning and sturdy arch support.
  • Notable breathability to ensure a prolonged comfortable wear.


  • The location of the arch is positioned further back than in other models which may put extra pressure on the ankle while running. This may go away when the shoe is sufficiently worn in. However, some runners may find that it hinders their running style significantly.
  • Unlike the previous Wave Alchemy models, this shoe may feel shallower, initially displeasing some who are loyal to the brand name and design.

Buyer Reviews

Runners with flat feet tend to overpronate when they run. This means that while the heel makes initial contact to the ground, the foot rolls in further than normal. Many consumers who bought the Wave Alchemy 12 running shoe expressed that if you have a foot that has overpronation, then this is the shoe you need. They love that it is lightweight but offers the support they require to avoid the foot pain they were experiencing after long runs.

Other reviews suggest that those who suffer from the intense pain of plantar fasciitis would benefit from the rear rigidness of this shoe. It provides the right amount of support to the feet and can be worn for an extended amount of time. Likewise, the support of the shoe is good for those who tend to be of a heavier weight because it will keep ankles and knees aligned. The foam padding helps to cushion the feet that may take extra pounding from the additional weight.

Experts recommend replacing your shoes every 300 to 400 miles. Many consumers were pleased that these running shoes did indeed last that long, even during runs on many different surfaces. They felt that there was not a breakdown of the shoe after prolonged use. It performed just as well at 300 miles, as it did at 100 miles.

There are very few complaints from consumers. Most are very happy with the shoe and have stated that the manufacturer claims regarding comfort, support and affordability were right on point. The one criticism that came up was that the Wave Alchemy 12 was designed slightly smaller in length and width than the previous Alchemy 11. For some this resulted in too tight of a fit.


The Wave Alchemy 12 designed by Mizuno is an attractive running shoe, at an affordable price, that offers sufficient support and comfort. This is a reliable, sturdy shoe that will hold up during long distance runs on various terrains. The lightweight construction will not weigh the foot down, and the breathability factor will allow air to escape to reduce swollen, sweaty feet. The heavy-duty cushion sole will take the impact of pounding on the pavement for a smooth and comfortably stride. The Wave Alchemy 12 is definately rated as a highly recommended product that stands behind its claims and offers an amazing running shoe.


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